The LumpHead All About Harley Davidsons Milwaukee-Eight Motorcycles

New For 2017 This is a site dedicated to information about tuning, repairs, modifications and performance of the Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin Motorcycles. “LumpHeads”

We plan to launch this site early in January 2017 as an interactive forum to discuss issues dealing specifically with HD’s new Milwaukee-Eight Engine and all model year related issues and solutions as they come to be known.

Bookmark this URL and check back early in January when you can join up and get involved with the disccussion.

Harley Davidsons Milwaukee-Eight Displacement is 107ci (1,750cc) or 114ci (1,870cc).
You will see these engines in 2017 touring models first, then more than likely
in all Big Twin models very soon. Here at are affectionately
calling the New motor The “LumpHead” for lack of Harley Davidson Engines not
having any good nick names since the introduction of the Evo. This LumpHead name
is inspired by additional lumps you see in the top rocker cover to allow room for
the additional valves.

Topics We Plan to Start off the site with

  • Specifications and Technical Information
  • Tuning and Performance
  • New products designed for the Milwaukee-Eight
  • Maintinance and Repair How To’s
  • Known issues and Solutions
  • Your reviews Feedback and Modifications

The new eight-valve engine goals are to make greater power and torque while being
emissions-compliant, fuel-efficient, and highly reliable. Harley Davidson states
that they are committed to achieve world-class ride-ability through chassis, suspension, and driveline refinement. We Will See!